Zeus: King of the Gods

About This Book

Zeus: King of the Gods is the first book in Olympians, a new graphic novel series from First Second that retells the Greek myths. This book is the story of how the ancient Greeks believed the world came into being, as well as the childhood and ascendancy of Zeus, who became the King of the Gods.

For Discussion

  1. Zeusís dad tries to eat him. Has your dad ever tried to eat you?

  2. A lot of the names in this book will sound familiar; for example, Zeusí grandfather, Ouranos, has a name similar to Uranus, the planet. What other things can you think of that have similar names to characters in Greek mythology?

  3. A lot of things that happened to Zeus may seem similar to other stories that you have heard—for instance, Zeus fighting against his evil father is like Luke Skywalker fighting against Darth Vader. What other stories do you know that are similar to what Zeus went through?

  4. In many ways, Zeus and the other characters are like superheroes. What superheroes can you think of that are similar to characters in Greek mythology?

  5. Kronos is a god of time, and he is described as devouring everything. Why do you think that is?

  6. There were originally twelve Titans, and later there would be twelve Olympians. Why do you think that the number twelve was so important? What other numbers seem to be important in the Greek myths? Where else in the world do you see these numbers?

  7. Very few people believe in the Greek gods today. Why do you think it is important that we still learn about them?

Download the pdf of this guide — Zeus Reading Group Guide pdf

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