Here are some more places around the internet where you can find information about the Greek Gods and Goddesses.

The Beazley Archive

A collection of images of the art of Ancient Greece, for anyone who wants to see the pottery, marbles, and architecture of the society that believed in the Greek Gods.

Greek Mythology Link

This website describes itself as an inquiry into, "the creative, artistic, literary and inspiring aspects of the Greek myths." Itís both interesting and thoughtful.

Myth Index

This website offers some terrific encyclopedic entries of virtually every character to ever pass through a Greek myth. Pretty amazing.

Perseus Digital Library

A digital collection of the original texts of ancient Greek and Rome.


At, you can find an encyclopedia of various gods and goddesses from Greek mythology, cross referenced with every mention of them they could find in literally hundreds of ancient Greek and Roman texts.

Women in Greek Myths

Pretty much what it says — a website about the women who feature in the Greek myths. This is a pretty exhaustive compendium of every woman mentioned anywhere — perfect for anyone who wants the complete picture!

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